A novelty from Savit-Plus Company LLC!

Together with spring we meet the legendary Greek dough Filo!

Have you dreamed of trying dishes based on uncooled sheets of Filo dough for a long time, but you couldn’t find them anywhere? For the first time on the shelves of Belarus and the Russian Federation, the thinnest extract dough is famous all over the world and today has no analogues!

We know that the best way to get away from the daily routine and make life a little happier can only help delicious and healthy food. That is why we have opened a new line and workshop for the production of ready-made Filo sheet dough under the brand name GRETA. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to please your family and friends with fresh crispy pastries made of the thinnest dough in the world. UNCOOLED, incredibly thin and tender, our Filo dough will give you a unique opportunity to quickly and easily cook your favorite treats and dishes, as in the most expensive restaurants.

Search on the shelves of stores in your city and in all stores in the country!
Cooked with soul, natural, legendary and simply “melting in the mouth”…

Filo GRETTA dough is the best solution for creating perfect dishes and flavor combinations!

Filo GRETA dough is the best solution for creating!


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