The Product of the year 2010!

February 2, 2011 in the conference hall of the hotel “Belarus” the rewarding of the winners of the XIII National competition of consumer preferences “The Product of the year 2010”, organized by “Publishing house “Express contact” was held. 126 enterprises took part in the competition. The winners were determined by the results of a sociological survey of the population of the Republic of Belarus in 81 categories.

According to the results of research conducted in the framework of the competition “Product of the year 2010”, in the category of  “lavash” the first place was taken by “Savit-Plus” products.

“The Product of the year” is a Republican contest has been being held since 1998, the main mission of which is proclaimed the idea of a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of quality food, raising awareness of customers about food products, promoting the best, according to consumers, products and encouraging manufacturers to work on the quality of products in all its aspects.

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