An announcement of new products “Mother’s Bread” and “Lavash –premium” Dear customers of “Savit-Plus”!

We are pleased to announce that our company has expanded the range of products for our Customers!

“Mother’s Bread” is pleasantly tender with a delicate taste and aroma. It is baked from wheat flour of the highest grade. The bread has a pronounced taste inherent only in this type of bread.

“Premium Lavash” is a new form and traditional taste. Recipes with lavash were quickly mastered fast food thanks to the convenience of cooking, which began to offer us their dishes from lavash. Recipes of home-made dishes from lavash will always taste better. But first you need decide on the filling for lavash. Are you interested in what you can wrap in lavash? Everything. Make lavash with mushrooms, lavash with meat, lavash minced meat, lavash with caviar vegetable, lavash with Korean carrot, lavash with ham, lavash with red caviar, lavash with cottace cheese, lavash with cheese, lavash stuffed with fish, even lavash with canned goods. Depending on your needs and tastes, you can choose lavash in the oven, lavash dishes on the grill, lavash dishes in the pan. Bon appetit!!!

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